About Us

Welcome to Prismatic Ash Soap Co. Thanks for checking out our online store full of unique handmade products curated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Over a decade ago, I was gifted a soap-making book that jumpstarted this passion of mine. I read that book from front to back, over and over again, and tried my hand at making a few batches of soap that initially weren't the best (or good at all, to be frank).

Over the years, I've refined the base recipe with different oils and butters into what is now our Signature Prismatic Bar Soap.

My small business initially fell into place at the beginning of 2020, when turning a hobby into a passion project just felt right. One of the most challenging, but fun parts of starting a small business is getting to choose the company's name. Landing on a meaningful name like Prismatic Ash Soap Co. took some time and creativity, and I'd love to explain how and why I chose it!

Soap was first discovered almost 5000 years ago when animal fats were mixed with a spent wood ash and water mixture. These actions created a lye solution that turned the fats into soap through the saponification process. Today, we use plant-based oils and butters mixed with a calculated amount of sodium hydroxide (lye) to create soap. Prismatic Ash Soap Co. bar soaps are created using the cold-process soap-making method.

I'm also fascinated with prisms and all the colours formed by the refractions of light. I really wanted to represent this imagery in my soap designs by using all shades of colour.

That being said, by "turning all the colours of a PRISM through ASH into SOAP," Prismatic Ash Soap Co. was born!

I genuinely thank you for checking us out and trying our products. So in appreciation, use code "ThankYou" for ten percent off :)

All the best,